About Direct Connect Programming & Diagnostics

Direct Connect Programming & Diagnostics offers services that very few offer in Dallas, TX. Owned and operated by Daniel Corrigan, a certified locksmith and mechanical engineer with master certification from 7 different car manufacturers, Direct Connect Programming & Diagnostics picks only the best technicians to solve difficult issues others have problems with. We provide prompt service with the most efficient and correct way to program and diagnose any vehicle, exotic to domestic and foreign vehicles—we always have a way to solve your issues. Our specializations include tuning, ECM repairs, PCM repairs, module repairs, basemap editing, diagnosing, programming modules, key fobs, and key immobilizers. We also provide training to technicians on a case-by-case basis with technicians at dealers and/or small shops on how to diagnose quick and efficient CAN issues to driveability. We don't accept check payments publicly, and our Saturdays and Sundays are by appointment only. Trust Direct Connect Programming & Diagnostics for prompt, efficient, and expert assistance.